The ESRT Auxiliary was established in 2015 to support the mission of Eastern Shore Repertory Theatre (ESRT). Our members assist with showtime needs, set design, decorating, costumes, promotions, fundraising, community service projects, and more. Funds raised by the ESRT Auxiliary through concessions and merchandise sales at ESRT productions are used for scholarships for ESRT alumni and current and prospective students.

Membership in the ESRT Auxiliary is open to adults and children who are interested in supporting ESRT and its mission of providing innovative, high-quality theatre experiences for the Eastern Shore community. Membership runs for a calendar year and we are taking applications now for 2017. No previous theater experience is necessary to join the auxiliary - all we require is a desire to support the arts on the Eastern Shore!

We offer four levels of Auxiliary membership with perks such as show tickets, t-shirts and invitations to special events. Membership forms are available here. Please email for more information.


President - Jenny Bramblett
Vice President - Dawn Everette
Secretary - Leslie Guilian
Treasurer - Braida Sharpe
President Ex Officio - Leigh Nelson

Committee Chairs

Marketing - Beth Glisson and Andi Sligh
Promotions - Kris Stejskal
Social - Lyndsey Gwin and Kelly McCarley
Showtime - Braida Sharpe
Merchandising - Courtney Klotz
Sets/Props - Debra Gwaltney
Community Service - Marjorie Searcy
Junior Theater Festival - Aimee Partin
Alumni - Cas Messina


Hagan Anderson
Michael Bankston
Mandy Barber
Kimberly Barrois
Denise Blanda
Tanya Bosarge
Monteigne Brown
Kelly Bullington
Charlotte Carey
Jennifer Clements
Ashley Conyers
Daphne Cook
Teal Creel
Robin Cunningham
Renee Davis
Celeste Decorte
Kim Destro
Sabe Fink
Andolyn Fitzgerald
Patsy Fonseca
Marti Foster
Paula Graf
Julie Grant
Christy Guepet
Jan Hilyer
Judy Humphrey
Kathy Kelly
Anne Frost Kennedy
Jason Klotz
Lauda Langham
Alexis Litteken
Carrie Litteken
Abby McDade
Jennifer McDade
Ashley Morris
Maggie Morris
Cindy Roussos
Jack Roussos
Nick Roussos
Kristin Phillips
Casey Pierce
Jaden Pierce
Anne Clinton Roberts
Sam Robinson
Sonya Robinson
Trish Scarpuzzi
Barbara Sheldon
John Sheldon
Wendy Solomon
Shannon Spinks
Vicki Stankoski
Caroline Tims
Rochelle Tripp
Margie Walters
Angela Weil
Dustin Weil
Maria Whatley