Circus of Dreams: Miracles Under the Big Top (2016)

In 2016, ESRT students and Auxiliary members presented Circus of Dreams: Miracles Under the Big Top to a packed house of patients and parents at USA Children's and Women's Hospital. In addition to the main performance, The Strongman, The Rockette, Zoltar, and our Circus Boy had the privilege of entertaining individual patients who were unable to leave their rooms for the show.

Fairy Tales on the Road (2015)

During the summer of 2015, ESRT students and Auxiliary members took Fairy Tales on the Road to The Exceptional Foundation of the Gulf Coast, an organization dedicated to meeting the social, recreational, and artistic needs of developmentally and physically challenged individuals, and the Rotary Youth Club, which provides learning and enrichment activities to area children who may not have access to theater or other performance activities during the summer months. ESRT students directed and acted alongside children and adults at each location, assisting them in performing many classic fairy tales for all to enjoy. Click to watch and learn more more about Fairy Tales on the Road.